Boogie Woogie Wu

Charismatic Scarecrow Minister


Quote: “Ladies and Gentlemen! What I’m about to show you will blow your mothafuckin’ minds wide open!”

Background: Unlike most of his fellow Ministers, Wu inspires devotion rather than fear in the mortals with whom he has the most contact. His little gang of Jugglers, the DarKarnival Krew, is very nearly a cult of personality, with artists “Dred-Hed” and “Killa D” taking the role of a distant, two-man trinity, and Wu setting himself up as their representative on Earth (or at least on the streets).

Appearance: Boogie Woogie Wu is a tall man, and dresses almost exclusively in a flamboyant off-yellow ringmaster costume (even in broad daylight, on the rare occasions he allows himself to be seen during the day). He keeps his nails very long, and they are surprisingly strong and sharp. Since he wears makeup which imitates his mien, there is little visible difference between the two, when he’s in full costume.

Storytelling Hints: Wu delights in anarchy and chaos, but he’s fully capable of long-term planning. There are those among the Court of Fear who whisper that he’s grown so fond of his Jugglers that he hardly needs the Autumn Court’s support anymore, and wonder what will happen when he experiences a conflict of interests.


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Razorhand
Court: Autumn
Entitlement: The Scarecrow Ministry

Boogie Woogie Wu

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