Cal(liope) Eugenides

Androgynous zealot of the Seasonal Courts


Quote: “The Great Wheel must turn again. Will you help me – help us – to set it in motion?”

Background: Cal(liope) is a recent arrival to the Wheelhouse, and little is known about his/her/its true nature. What is known for certain is that he/she/it is passionately evangelical about his/her/its seemingly-impossible cause: the restoration of the rotating Seasonal Courts system within the Freehold of Detroit. No one is sure why an outsider would come to Detroit, risking life and limb in the process, for the benefit of complete strangers. Does Cal have an ulterior motive? Only time will tell.

Appearance: Cal(liope) is a striking youth, with feathery auburn hair, a slender, androgynous figure, and a passionate demeanor. Behind the Mask, Cal(liope)‘s skin shines like burnished bronze, and radiates heat like a red-hot chunk of steel. Brilliant feathers of gold, red, orange, and even green and violet cover Cal(liope)’s entire body, fanning out beneath the forearms like some ancient bird-god(dess).

Storytelling Hints: Cal(liope) is an inspiring speaker, and a zealous prosleytizer for a return to the rotating Seasonal Courts. However, some remark that Cal(liope)’s philosophy seems to involve everyone else but Cal(liope) making a lot of major changes.


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Fireheart
Court: Court of the Solstice
Entitlements: None

Cal(liope) Eugenides

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