Half-mad, homeless old hunchback


Quote: “You make trouble for the mavros? Hokay… maybe I help you out."

Background: One of the oldest changelings in the Wheelhouse, Karaghiozis is one of the last remnants of the era of the rotating Seasonal Courts. In a way, he also represents everything that was wrong with those days: he specifically blames African-Americans (“the mavros”) for starting the ’67 Riots which brought the city to its knees, and began the process of its long, slow death.

Appearance: Living mainly in the Hedge for nearly two decades has eroded Karaghiozis’ appearance nearly as much as his sanity. He dresses in ragged, filthy clothing, under a huge, shapeless winter coat (which he wears even in the height of summer) and a knit stocking cap which may have been orange at one point.

Storytelling Hints: Karaghiozis is deeply, intensely racist against anyone with very dark skin, as he can no longer distinguish between African-Americans, Arabs, and/or South Asians, all of whom he refers to as “the mavros”.


Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Oracle
Court: Courtless
Entitlements: None


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