Greedy, sneaky gangbanger.


Quote: “Scrilla for rilla, yo! Check dis shit out!”

Background: Kaykay’s name is short for “Krispy Kreme”, his favorite food. His love for the cheap, delicious donuts borders on the obsessive.

Appearance: Kaykay is an African-American youth in his late teens. He’s getting a little chunky from all the Krispy Kremes, but he somehow always manages to sneak past all manner of security and guards with nary a sound.

Storytelling Hints: Adept at silence, disguise, and larceny, Kaykay is the one his motley turns to whenever they need something that someone else doesn’t want them to have. Those who know him informally often assume from his exuberant celebration of his own success and talent that he belongs to the Spring Court. Those who make this mistake fail to realize that those who laugh the loudest often hide the deepest, most abiding pain.


Seeming: Beast
Kith: Tunnelgrub
Court: Winter
Entitlement: None


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