Mr. Lincoln

Gentlemanly chauffeur and bodyguard


Quote: “I’d prefer Mister Lincoln, if you please."

Background: Mr. Lincoln has acted as driver and protector to Chicory Brown for her entire reign as Queen of the Spring Court.

Appearance: A handsome older African-American gentleman, with a wide face and salt-and-pepper hair. When not in uniform, he dresses almost exclusively in dark, conservative suits with black patent leather shoes. In his fae mien he resembles his namesake, with gleaming black facial features, chrome teeth, and burning-bright eyes.

Storytelling Hints: Mr. Lincoln is always very proper, and a real stickler for the rules of ettiquette, insisting on addressing others (and being addressed himself) with all proper titles and names. But once in a while, he seems to be just fine with breaking rules, even his own rules, when he feels it’s really, truly important. It is nearly impossible, however, to guess when this will occur.


Seeming: Mechanical
Kith: Motorhead
Court: Spring
Entitlement: None

Mr. Lincoln

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