Officer Donnelly

Purposeful Officer of the Detroit Metropolitan Police Department


Background: The year was 1987, and Paul Verhoeven’s dystopian sci-fi film Robocop had just hit theaters. Having seen it for the first time, a childlike True Fae known as L’enfant Terrible decided that he had to have an action figure to match. But it was not enough for the boy-king to build himself a toy from plastic and glamour: he wanted an actual officer of the Detroit Metropolitan Police Department to serve as the base-material for the most-realistic action figure ever manufactured.

After selecting a DPD officer with an Irish surname whose appearance and build more-or-less matched that of actor Peter Weller, L’enfant Terrible tore apart the unfortunate officer’s body, mimicking every gunshot wound and bloody contusion suffered by Officer Alex J. Murphy in the film. Then came the grafts, the chemical baths, the cybernetic neural-net integrations, and the systematic erasure of virtually every memory which Officer Patrick Donnely had of his former life.

Officer Donnely spent the next two decades fighting endless series of battles royal against an army of similarly modified “action figures” for the entertainment of L’enfant Terrible, including various sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, and action-movie

Ironically, it was the very removal of every memory of his former life which compelled Officer Donnely to escape his master’s Demesne. He remembered an oath sworn long, long ago: “to serve and protect the people of the City of Detroit”.

Appearance: Donnelley has a blunt, blue-collar face, with heavy eyebrows and prominent cheekbones, giving his face a permanent appearance of slightly puzzled consideration. It’s as if he can’t remember what he’s looking at, but knows it should be familiar.

Storytelling Hints: Donnely has almost nothing left to him except the memories necessary to do his job. He follows standard operational procedure obsessively, without deviation. After the endless carnage and madness of the Toybox Wars, his psyche requires something to lean on which is reliable, logical, and most importantly, unchanging.


Seeming: Mechanical
Kith: Buckshee
Court: Summer
Entitlement: None

Officer Donnelly

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