The White Hag

Queen of Winter, Protector of the West Side


Quote: “You have your orders. Go now, and do not fail me.”

Background: The Hag (who goes by no other name) has ruled the Silent Arrow almost since the chaos of the ’67 Riots, when Old King Cold was torn apart by a Summer-maddened mob. Since then, she has spent decades sculpting her Court into a lean, hungry, and highly-efficient crime syndicate. Nearly all of the drugs which enter the Wheelhouse pass through Winter hands at some point, and much of what is produced locally comes from their “cold kitchens”.

Appearance: The White Hag is an Caucasian woman with a deeply-lined face and a sallow complexion. Her long, pale hair falls past her shoulders, framing her waxy face and deep-set eyes. Her left arm and the left side of her face are withered, as if she had suffered a stroke. To those who see beyond her Mask, it becomes apparent that her left side is not merely withered, but positively corpselike, with her clammy, pallid skin and staring blue eyes.

Storytelling Hints: The Hag has no illusions about her Court: they do not love her, and she does not love them. Their relationship is one of mutual utility. She rules them harshly but fairly, rewards their obedience, and severely punishes any disloyalty. In return, her subjects fear, obey, and respect her. This is as close as they will ever come to love, and both parties know it.


Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Snowskin
Court: Winter
Entitlements: None

The White Hag

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